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Social and health

The wellbeing services county of Southwest Finland (Varha) offers versatile and comprehensive social services and health care for residents in Paimio. Below you can read more about social services, services for the elderly and health care.

The wellbeing services county of  Southwest Finland Varha is responsible for organizing social and health services and rescue operations from January 1, 2023. The county is made up of 27 municipalities, a hospital district, special care services and rescue services.

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More information about social services and healthcare

  • The purpose of the Social Services Unit is to provide help and support to individuals, families and communities that face various difficult situations in life, to promote the development of their own coping ability and also to prevent social exclusion and insecurity.

    We will adapt our service to meet the specific needs of our customer or customer family. At the same time as we encourage our customers to take the initiative to sort out their issues, we help and support them. It is essential to make a comprehensive analysis of the customer’s situation in collaboration with various other authorities.

    To prevent social problems from escalating, it is best to intervene as early as possible. For this purpose, there is a close and ongoing collaboration with local authorities, such as schools, daycare centers, youth care, child health clinics and staff from the Employment and Economic Development Office.

  • Most elderly people live independent lives and primarily use the same services as other citizens. For some, aging or a life crisis can trigger illness and contribute to an increased need for help, care and service.

    The purpose of elderly services, such as home care, is to provide support to residents who need help with basic activities of daily living in order to be able to stay in their own home for as long as possible and to ensure that customers receive human care as well when they show impaired functional capacity and need extensive assistance.

    Our goal is to help the elderly to maintain their high quality of life and self-determination and to achieve independent function. The services are designed to meet the needs of our customers, and when providing these services, clinical practice follows the national guidelines for current care.

    Services for the elderly are usually provided by the municipality and are aimed at the elderly who have the greatest need. In addition, the city of Paimio supports the provision of preventive care for the elderly in the form of various support services, such as leisure activities in Tikkala daycare, food delivery services and bathing services.

    Our area of ​​work includes:

    • home care
    • senior day activities
    • support service
    • family care
    • public rental housing for the elderly
    • service homes
    • Paltanpuisto Service Center for the Elderly
    • The Council of the Elderly

    Contact information ..

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Contact information

  • To reach the social services unit, you can contact the number 02 474 6200.

    The social services unit is located in Paimio City Hall, at Vistantie 18 21530 Paimio.

  • To reach the elderly services unit, you can contact the Service Councelling  02 262 6174 kl 9 – 12 (weekdays).

    The elderly services unit is located in Paimio City Hall, at Vistantie 18 21530 Paimio

  • Appointment wit a doctor or a nurse
    02 474 6202