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Culture and leisure

The Town of Paimio gives a lot of to see and do to its citizens and visitors. The town is best known around the world of the Paimio Sanatorium, designed by Alvar and Aino Aalto.

Get to know culture and leisure services

Below you can get to know culture and leisure services in summarized form

  • The Cultural Services’ activities include the provision of a wide range of spectacular cultural events, experiences, and tours.

    Find more information about Culture services.

  • It happens a lot in Paimio. More information in Event calender (in Finnish)

  • The Town of Paimio offers an array of both indoor and outdoor pursuits and superb sports venues. These include an artificial football pitch with under-soil heating, and an indoor ice-skating rink. If you are a skiing enthusiast, check out the 700-metre long ski tunnel with excellent year-round conditions for cross-country skiing and ski trails that accommodate both classic and skate skiers. Furthermore, the ski jumping hills with a plastic matting enable training in the non-snow months, as well.

    The swimming centre, located in the same building with the Paimio Comprehensive School, is available for swimming in the winter time. Its facilities include a 25-metre three-lane pool, a comprehensive gym complex, saunas, a toddler pool, a cold plunge, and a jetted bath tub for added fun. In the summer time, however, swimmers are most likely to be found at the open-air swimming areas.

    Fabulous opportunities are available in Paimio and its surroundings also for those in for nature tripping. Apart from the four-kilometre nature trail of Paimio, widely known to hikers, there are also many other excellent nature routes for various outdoor activities.


  • Group of children on they way to library.

    Paimio Library welcomes you to read magazines, check out books and spend time in our facilities. You will find the Library at the first floor of the Paimio Town Hall. If you visit our library during the service hours you do not need a library card to read books or magazines within our library. Free WIFI-connection is provided for your own devices but you also have the option to use our free of charge computers.

    If you wish to check out books, magazines and other items you will need a library card. Paimio Library is part of Vaski libraries and the library card issued from us works in every Vaski branch.

    Our library offers a large selection of materials including books, magazines, music, DVD and Blu-ray discs, console and board games and also various selection of sports equipment. Collection includes materials for both adults and children. Most of our collection is in Finnish but some material can be found mainly in English and Swedish.

    You can also read a large selection of international e-magazines over the  free WIFI-connection provided within the library premises.

    More information of Vaski libraries.

  • Handicraft Museum Miila.
    Handicraft Museum Miila

    There are four museums in Paimio, which you can visit through the links below. Of the museums, the August Pyölniittu Museum and the Paimio Homestead Museum are part of the city’s cultural services. The Electricity Museum and the Handicraft Museum are maintained by their own foundations.

  • At the Paimio Adult Education Centre, our mission is to encourage lifelong learning and provide accessible, high-quality learning opportunities to people of all ages, including children. Among other things, we offer a range of classes and courses in sport, music, art, handicraft, languages, and computing (ICT). Babies, toddlers, and pre-school children are welcome to participate in play-based music classes. We also have introductory art classes for children. As a rule, the courses start in September and end in March or April. Furthermore, the Paimio Adult Education Centre is pleased to organise a number of short-term thematic courses. Our venues are located in Paimio and Sauvo.

    To register for classes, please call or visit our office, open Mon–Thu  10:00 am – 3:30 pm at Vistantie 18.

    Paimio Adult Education Centre welcomes everybody (also children) to its courses. We offer courses of languages, sport, music, art, handicraft, cooking.and well-being. Our courses normally start in September and end in April but we also organise short-term courses. Our courses are usually in the evenings and they are placed in different schools in Paimio and Sauvo.

    If you want more information or register for courses, please call our office 02 4745316 or write to us, Mon-Thu  10:00 am – 3:30 pm.



  • At the Paimio Music Institute, our mission is to provide learning opportunities to children and adolescents. Music education provided by us involves a goal-directed learning programme of singing and playing music instruments. As we have a limited number of places to allocate, entrance exams are organised each spring. We offer a wide variety of one-to-one classes specialising in different musical instruments and voice training. The range covers piano, violin, cello, flute, clarinet, saxophone, guitar, accordion, and vocal tuition.

    Further, you can study music theory and history at the institute. We are also looking for new members to join our choir. Babies, toddlers and pre-school children are welcome to participate in play-based music classes arranged in our venues located in Paimio and Sauvo.

    To introduce themselves to wider audiences, students give a number of concerts in the town hall and other venues each spring.

  • provides an ideal base for touring the region and lies within easy reach of Turku, Helsinki, and beyond. Blessed with a rich cultural and natural heritage, Paimio combines urban living with distinctive country character, excellent leisure and recreation opportunities.

    Guided bus tours are arranged for travellers, or, if you prefer, you can explore the beauty of the surrounding Finnish countryside and the numerous fabulous sights of Paimio at your own pace by bike, canoe, or on foot. For leisure travellers wishing to stay overnight, local Bed and Breakfast, or self-catering accommodation is available, and we are only 20 minutes away from the hotels of Turku, as well. Due to the junction of E18, the fastest and most up-to-date motorway in Finland, Paimio lies conveniently within a short driving distance of Turku (30 km/18 miles), Helsinki (135 km/84 miles), and other large cities of Finland. It only takes about 1.5 hours to get here by car from Helsinki.

    The Paimio sanatorium (1929-1933), designed by Alvar and Aino Aalto, is perhaps the world’s best-known Finnish building. The warm atmosphere and characteristic feel of the place has carried the sanatorium through decades of change. The building and its surrounding nature has been designed to be a healing element in itself.

    You can visit the Sanatorium by taking part in the tours and visiting the exhibitions. The outside can be explored freely or by following the Architectural path organized around the building. There is also a cultural path that takes you to the surrounding pine forest which is an integral part of the complex. During the visiting hours there is also a Canteen Café at your service.

  • Promoting well-being and health is one of the most important tasks of our municipality, and community work is carried out in all areas of our city’s administration.

  • The Town of Paimio Youth Services Unit focuses on activating children and adolescents by engaging them in meaningful, structured activities throughout the year. The primary youth work is carried out by a youth worker whose main tasks include running the local youth club and providing young people with a range of out-of-school activities and opportunities, such as recreational trips, summer camps, and various events.

    Our second priority is to support the prevention of social exclusion among young people. The varied special youth work projects and campaigns play a major role in this: by arranging various social events and gatherings, teenagers and young people are encouraged to live an active social life free of drug and alcohol abuse and addiction. A specialist youth worker is responsible for the special youth work activities.

Contact Information

Most of services are situated at the Paimio Town Hall, which is open
Mon 9 am to 5 pm
Tue, Thu – Fri 9 am to 3.30 pm
Wed 10 am to 3.30 pm

Below you can find more detailed contacts

  • Ms Laura Lankinen,
    Library and culture manager,
    tel. +358 2 474 5321,

  • Mr Mikko Häkkilä,
    Secretary of Sport and Leisure Services,
    tel. +358 2 474 5314 or +358 50 60619,

    Swimming Hall Solina
    address: Vistantie 31 – 35
    tel. +358 2 474 5403

  • Address: Vistantie 18, Paimio,
    tel. +358 2 474 5320,

    Ms Laura Lankinen,
    Library Manager,
    tel. +358 2 474 5321

    Service hours:
    Monday – Wednesday from 12 to 19
    Thursday – Friday from 10 to 16

    Self-service library open daily from 7 to 21

    The drop box (outdoor return hatch) is open daily from 06 to 24.

    You need a Library Card and a PIN-code to log in to the self-service library and to use drop box.

  • Ms Satu Lehtisalo, Headmaster at the Education Centre,
    tel. +358 50 327 2827, or email

  • Mr Jouni Lehtiranta,
    Tourist Information Officer,
    tel. +358 2 474 5319,

    Tourist information serves in Paimio Electrical Museum (Vistantie 24a) between June and August

    Paimion Sähkömuseo sijaitsee kolmikerroksisessa graniittikivirakennuksessa.
    Paimio Electrical Museum
  • Ms Mia Konradsdal
    tel. +358 50 528 6071, or email