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Teaching and education

Paimio offers educational opportunities for inhabitants of all ages and encourages lifelong learning. Day-care services are provided as both municipal and private services. Pre-primary education is provided in several day-care centres and schools in the city.

Children sitting in the wood.


  • Early childhood education and care comprises the child day-care arrangements offered to the families and the goal-oriented pre-primary education as well as various playgroups for toddlers.

    Children under school age (approx. 1–7 years of age) are entitled to day care in a day-care centre or in the home of a family day-care provider. Families resident in Paimio can choose from two options: municipal day care and private day care subsidised through a private day-care allowance. Pre-primary education is targeted to six-year-olds and provided in day-care centres. A parent staying at home to look after his or her child under the age of three is entitled to a child home-care allowance.

    Today, the local Lutheran Church and various non-governmental organisations running clubs for young children and their families also play an important role as a child care provider in Paimio.

  • Basic education

    In Finland, local authorities are obligated to provide basic education for children and young people of compulsory school age (7–16 years) residing in the municipality. Basic education, including necessary equipment and text books, school transportation and meals, is free of charge. The primary responsibility for a child’s education lies with the parents.

    In Paimio, there are three primary schools and one comprehensive school. The responsibility of the provision of basic education lies with the Town of Paimio School Services. For enquiries, please contact the school office or the school in question.
  • After completing basic education, a young person can apply for admission to a general upper secondary school or a vocational institute. One upper secondary school maintained and administered by the Town of Paimio School Services operates in Paimio. There is a wide variety of vocational institutes in Turku and Salo. However, there are a few vocational training programmes available also in Paimio, for instance, in the Folk High School for Southwestern Finland and the College of Land-Based Studies.

  • Town of Paimio Early Childhood Education and Care Services

    Office: Paimio Town Hall,
    Vistantie 18, Paimio
    PO Box 50,
    FI-21531 Paimio, Finland

    Ms Tuulia Tamminen,
    Early Childhood Education Manager
    Tel. +358 2 474 5312

    Ms Johanna Koivunen,
    Day Care Supervisor
    Tel. +358 2 474 5239

    Ms Taru Sysinoro,
    Family Day-Care Supervisor
    Tel. +358 2 474 524o

    Town of Paimio School Services

    School Office:
    Vistantie 18, Paimio

    Address: PO Box 50,
    FI-21531 Paimio, Finland

    Tel. +358 2 474 5313


    Mr Jyrki Lumiainen,
    Director for Education

    Tel. +358 2 474 5311

    Paimio Upper Secondary School

    Street address:
    Sähköyhtiöntie 2, Paimio

    Mr Olli-Pekka Lehtonen, Headmaster

    Tel. +358 2 474 5380


    Folk High School for Southwestern Finland

    Vistantie 37, Paimio

    Tel. +358 50 913 4656


    College of Land-Based Studies/Forestry and Animal Care

    Taatilantie 110, Paimio

    Tel. +358 50 303 9833