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City and administration

Paimio is a city of about 11,300 inhabitants, with an excellent location along the Helsinki-Turku motorway. The central location ensures both the agile mobility of workers and the smooth movement of goods.

Paimio City Hall and library

Get to know city and administration services

Below you can get to know city and administration services in summarized form.

  • The highest decision-making authority in Paimio is the City Council.

    Second highest is the City Board and it is responsible for the city’s administration and financial management, as well as for preparing, implementing and monitoring the legality of council decisions. The Mayor acts as the rapporteur for the City Board.

    Town manager of Paimio is Jari Jussinmäki.

    The organization of a municipality has two levels, which are the shop steward organization and the personnel organization. The shop steward’s organization includes the city council, the city government and the boards.

  • Paimio is a city of about 11,100 inhabitants and it is located along the E18 motorway between Turku and Helsinki. In Paimio, the landscape is fertile and much more of the seabed. Its flatness is disturbed by open rock forest areas – even the basic landscape of Finland. Paimio is also proud of its river valley, which has been named a national cultural landscape.

    Paimio is a lively rural town that has been able to develop its service level well according to the requirements of the time. At the same time, it has taken good care of the well-being of its residents as a safe and stimulating home region.

    Paimio has been a city since January 1, 1997. Paimio will celebrate its 700th anniversary in 2025.

  • To centralise public services and to house the Town Council offices and the Town Library under the same roof, the Paimio Town Hall was renovated and extended to three times its original size in 2006. In addition to the Council offices and the library facilities, the Town Hall – Library building accommodates an information desk, meeting rooms as well as the Paimio Hall, an auditorium in which the Town Council holds meetings, and where also other major meetings and various cultural events take place.

  • Values

    Paimio is a friendly city that supports entrepreneurship, is environment-friendly and safe


    The city of Paimio offers a good life.


    In 2026, Paimio will be the most attractive city in the region,
    known for its culture and quality of its services.

    Get to know the hole strategy

    Strategy of the City of Paimio 2023 – 2026


  • Elections

    You can influence decision-making by voting in local and national elections. Voting is a fundamental right of every  adult Finnish citizen (over 18 years of age).

    You can find more information about the election and voting in the Ministry of Justice’s election pages.

    Citizen initiatives

    In accordance with the Local Government Act, Paimio residents can take initiatives related to the operations of the City of Paimio. The easiest way to do so is by using the (citizen initiative) online service. Initiatives should comply with the instructions specified by the service.

    The taker of an initiative is notified of the actions resulting from the initiative. At least once a year, the City Council is informed of such initiatives taken by residents that relate to the Council’s scope of responsibilities and the actions resulting from these initiatives.

    Initiatives can also be submitted directly to the City Register Office. The document should be:

    • clearly marked with the word “aloite” (initiative),
    • be accompanied by the contact information of the taker of the initiative, and
    • be accompanied by the address of the taker of the initiative, in order that his/her municipality of residence can be verified.

    Give feedback

    Give feedback, ask questions or send suggestions, praise, criticism or other comments. Normally we’ll reply in five working days. If you give your permission, your message may be published on the City’s website.

    You can send your message anonymously, but if you wish for a personal answer we must have your contact information.

Contact information

Most of services are situated at the Paimio Town Hall, which is open
Mon 9 am to 5 pm
Tue, Thu – Fri 9 am to 3.30 pm
Wed 10 am to 3.30 pm

Below you can find more detailed contacts.

  • Mr Jari Jussinmäki,
    Town Manager
    +358 2 474 5300

  • Municipality of Paimio
    Vistantie 18
    Address: PO Box 50, FI-21531 Paimio, Finland
    Tel: +358 2 474 511