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Group of children on they way to library.
Paimio City Hall and library
Worker in factory.

Reborn in Paimio

Paimio has many more dimensions for its residents. For 11,100 Paimio residents, their home town is a place to live, work and study. Paimio received the status of town as late as 1997, but its roots reach far back into history.

Paimio 700 anniversary logo.

Paimio 700 years in 2025

The year of celebration will be celebrated through the year 2025, when the phases of Paimio’s history, the cultural environment and development of the locality, and possibly also the prospects for the future of the city will be highlighted.

Oilpainting in outside landscape.

Lively small town

Life moves at a lively pace in Paimio. In this rural Southwest Finnish town, people work, study, live and engage in recreational activities year-round.
Paimio’s town center, Vista, provides residents with a diversity of services, but a genuine vitality can be felt throughout the entire area of the town.

Tourists admiring Paimio Sanatorium.

Rich in tradition

Paimio is especially known around the world for Alvar Aalto’s functionalistic sanatorium building. Paimio and electricity are a familiar combination to residents of Southwest Finland.

Nature is near to the people of Paimio and the people of Paimio are near to nature. Hiking paths and the Paimio River provide excellent opportunities for recreation and learning about life.