Youth Services

The Town of Paimio Youth Services Unit focuses on activating children and adolescents by engaging them in meaningful, structured activities throughout the year. The primary youth work is carried out by a youth worker whose main tasks include running the local youth club and providing young people with a range of out-of-school activities and opportunities, such as recreational trips, summer camps, and various events. 

Our second priority is to support the prevention of social exclusion among young people. The varied special youth work projects and campaigns play a major role in this: by arranging various social events and gatherings, teenagers and young people are encouraged to live an active social life free of drug and alcohol abuse and addiction. A specialist youth worker is responsible for the special youth work activities. 

Two new temporary projects commenced in Paimio in spring 2012: youth workshop activities and outreach youth work. The projects focus on young residents of Paimio and Sauvo aged 16–29 who have been excluded from education or work markets. Youth workshop activities are carried out in small groups, and the workshops offer young people a place to learn life skills and to get hands-on experience of work. Outreach youth work is a form of individual counselling that aims at jointly seeking solutions for problems and offering the youth support at various stages of his life.