Cultural activities


As the tradition of open-air theatre is deeply rooted in Finnish culture, a performance at a summer theatre is definitely a must-see for lovers of the performing arts both young and old. The Paimio Summer Theatre serves as an excellent example of the tradition. In the course of three decades, its challenging repertoire has extended from international musical classics, such as ‘The Fiddler on the Roof’ and ‘The Gipsy Camp Rolls into the Sky’, to captivating plays with local setting. 

summer theater
The talented company of professional directors, committed local amateur actors and musicians is renowned for its intense outdoor performances praised by critics and audiences alike and promises an evening of top-quality theatre with incomparable storytelling, warm humour, delightful music, and dance. The local summer theatre group will kick off the season 2017 on 30 June with musictheatre play Rosvo-Roope´. 


Film lovers will be delighted to hear that there is a cinema facility in Paimio, too. In fact, Paimio has had a cinema of its own 1927. Since the silent-film era, the local cinema has had a number of homes and undergone several changes of ownership as well as film projection and sound technology. In the course of years, it has enjoyed booms but, with the arrival of television in the early sixties and later of videotape rental providing a convenient way to view films at home, also witnessed declines in audience attendance. To allow for the highest quality projection of new film releases, the cinema, run by the local farmers’ association, now offers a tiered auditorium seating 183 people in comfort complemented by a wide screen and the state-of-the-art Barco DP2K-20C digital cinema projection system capable of showing 3D movies, as well. However, as the old 35-mm analog projector is maintained in good working order, the cinema Vistan Kino will continue to project 35-mm film for showing archival and restored prints, when necessary. 

Further, you will be glad to hear that foreign films shown in Finnish cinemas are not dubbed locally as in many European countries but subtitled. Vistan Kino, though unable to bear comparison with THX-certified top venues of major cinema chains, providing superior multiplex cinema presentation, regularly plays host to world premiers and is proud to represent the absolute cream of Finnish rural cinemas.