Geographic information 

The Town of Paimio Geographic Information Services Unit is responsible for the provision and maintenance of terrain modelling, topographic map production and geographic information services as well as for the provision of reliable geographic and registry information to underpin effective municipal decision making. The base map, on which the local detailed plan is presented, is maintained by means of terrain mapping and will be kept on file by the unit in a digital format with copies available upon request. For a fee, the Geographic Information Services will provide a paper copy of the map or a digital base map for planning purposes.

It also rests with the Geographic Information Services to deal with the parcelling of the land owned by the Town of Paimio and the application for registration of the Council’s title to land, to maintain geographic information on the land, to make preparations for transferring plots of land and to perform tasks related to formation of real-estate units in areas covered by the local detailed plan.

At the Geographic Information Services, we also maintain a register of buildings, properties, and addresses.