Council land and property management 

A real estate is a unit of ownership in a land or water area entered into the Cadastre (Real Estate Registry) as real estate. The real estate may also comprise shares of joint property units or any existing easements upon a parcel of real property.

Parcelling is a legal cadastral survey which is executed in order to form new real-estate units, to change the dimensions of or easements upon existing real-estate units, to settle a dispute, or to resolve any ambiguities. Under certain circumstances, real-estate units with the same owner or the same owners may be amalgamated.

At the Town of Paimio Geographic Information Services, we provide land surveying and other property information services within the town limit. However, legal cadastral surveys are carried out by district survey offices of the National Land Survey of Finland. When purchasing a property or applying for a building permit, for instance, you may require a cadastral certificate. For a fee, you can obtain one from the Cadastre, a public registry kept by district survey offices.