Services for the elderly 

Most elderly people lead independent lives and primarily use the same services as other citizens. For some, ageing or a life crisis can trigger illnesses and contribute to increased need of assistance, care, and services.
The purpose of elderly services, such as the live-in home care service, is, with regard to the resources available, to provide support to residents who need assistance with basic activities of daily living to be able to remain in their own homes for as long as possible, and to ensure that the clients receive human care even when they show diminished functional capacity and need for extensive assistance.

Our aim is to help the elderly maintain their high quality of life and self-determination, and achieve independent functioning. The services are designed to meet the needs of our clients, and in the provision of these services clinical practices follow the national Current Care Guidelines. 

As a rule, services for the elderly are delivered by the municipality and targeted at senior residents most in need. Furthermore, the Town of Paimio supports the provision of preventive care for elderly people in form of various support services, such as recreational activities in the Tikkala Day-Care Centre, the meal delivery service, and bathing services. 

Our scope of practice includes:

  • live-in home care service
  • Tikkala Elderly Day-Care Centre 
  • support services
  • family caregiving
  • sheltered housing
  • public rental housing for the elderly
  • nursing home
  • Paltanpuisto Service Centre for the Elderly 
  • Council of the Elderly