Social services

The aim of the Social Services Unit is to provide help and support to individuals, families and communities facing various difficult situations in life, to foster the development of their own coping skills and also to prevent social exclusion and insecurity. 

We will adapt our activities to meet the specific needs of our client or client family. While encouraging our clients to take independent initiative to sort their affairs, we help and support them. It is essential to make an in-depth holistic analysis of the client’s situation in cooperation with various other agencies involved. 

To prevent social problems from escalating, it is best to intervene at the earliest possible stage. To this end, there is close and ongoing cooperation with local authorities, such as school, day-care centre, youth services, child health clinic, and the Employment and Economic Development Office professionals. 

The social services office is housed in the Paimio Town Hall, located at Vistantie 18.